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Here is your April 19 - April 25 forecast!            


Dear Andrea,
    There are times when life throws us an unexpected curve, and our experience with such a surprise can be directly affected by how we respond to it. Personally, I believe that our sense of humor can be a blessing in helping us to deal with the unexpected. I myself was recently reminded of just much how our sense of humor can benefit us, and I want to share an amusing story with you that illustrates just that.
    My friend Julia is the VP of a major company and is very particular about her professional appearance. She is also the mum of two small children, which means that mornings are hectic. She has to get herself ready for work as well as make sure her two girls are up, dressed, fed and dropped off at preschool.
    One particular morning, Andrea, things were unusually chaotic, and Julia had to rush to get to work for an important meeting. She got dressed in the dark, taking care not to wake her husband who had come home very late from a business trip the night before. She told me with a snicker that she made it to the meeting on time, but at one point during her presentation, she realized that she was wearing 2 different colored shoes, a red one and a navy blue one!
    Julia said she that her first reaction was complete embarrassment. After all, Andrea, she happened to be at a meeting of executive VIPs when she discovered she wasn't dressed properly. She was mortified, but she continued on with her presentation as best she could and added that no one seemed to notice the different colored shoes.
    Afterwards a discussion came out of Julia's presentation and people expressed different opinions, creating a tense atmosphere in the meeting room. Seeing an opportunity to turn her footwear faux pas into an advantage, she stood up and showed off her mismatched shoes. She even turned from side to side to prove how each shoe looked good with her outfit despite its different colors. Julia compared her different colored shoes to their differences in opinion, pointing out that the expected outcome for all sides concerned was similar regardless of which plan they chose to follow. Then she confessed that had dressed in the dark to allow her husband more time to sleep. Everyone had a good laugh, which helped to alleviate the tension in the room so that the discussion could continue in a calmer state. In the end, they were able to reach a compromise and Julia sealed the deal, all thanks to her mismatched shoes and sense of humor!
    I like this story, Andrea, because it reveals that when we are able to accept our humanity, gracefully, and with a sense of humor, we give others permission to do the same. When Julia approached her situation with a sense of humor, she connected on a human level with her everyone at the meeting, which help to put them at ease. I hope that my friend's story improved your day and made you laugh too. Always remember to keep your sense of humor handy, as you never know when you'll need it.
    Now let's see what the week holds for you.
    Your friend and astrologer,
P.S.:  Having been born on November 7th, Andrea, it's your destiny to have the Archangel Michael watch over you…..

First Quarter Moon, April 21, 2:20 PM EST

    The Sun gently slides into Taurus on the 20th bringing with it patient and generous energy. I always feel that this is when the year begins to turn as the earth throbs with new life. In fact this is also a lovely week for romance with Venus linking to both poetic Neptune and committed Saturn before entering witty Gemini on the 25th. Andrea, if you've been longing to express your feelings but haven't been able to find the right words, you may be truly inspired this weekend.

April 19 - April 25

    Andrea, I want you to take maximum advantage of the luck coming your way this week. From my calculations, Saturday is going to be your lucky day for this period.  And your Lucky Numbers are 10, 21, 32, 23, 22, 49.  I hope you'll make the best of them.

April 19th for Andrea
    Your love of fun and excitement is contagious. Don't be surprised if people want to be around you because they enjoy your energy level. Your enthusiasm is at its height, enjoy yourself. 

    You could discover a hidden talent quite by accident. Be sure to develop this gift through classes and instruction. You can't afford to let this ability go to waste. 

    You may be absorbed in an internal dialogue during this span of time. Write your feelings down now. Your opinions are apt to be strong. You will want to study and remember your thoughts of this time. 

    Social activity at home may be the result of a favor you are granting someone who is ill or confined in some way. Studies iof astrology or mysticism would also prove to be interesting now.

April 20th for Andrea
    An addition to your finances is possible. Your energy is so inspiring to others that you'll find it easy to get funding for projects or purchases. Be sure to stay within your budget. 

    Now is an excellent time to work on your personal records. You'll be in the mood to track down any errors that have come up in the past. The bankers should beware of you today. 

    Insights into your own mental workings can bring a change in attitude or sponsor a new level of awareness. This is a time for rational thinking and delving into the intellectual side of your spirituality. 

    A deep sense of contentment can come from being out in nature now, especially if you're near water. It doesn't matter if it's a small brook or an ocean, for you'll be captivated either way.

April 21st for Andrea
    This is a terrific time for you to get to know your neighbors better. Take along a small treat to share or just ask them over for refreshments. You'll benefit from their friendship. 

    Your daydreams can be inspirational and your optimistic attitude will rub off on those who need a little hope in their lives. There is a time to relax and a time to work. Be sure you complete today's tasks. 

    Your sensitivity to the world is your greatest asset now. Don't let others make you afraid to take chances or travel to unknown realms. Your instincts are right on. 

    Don't allow your ego to overthrow the good you've been able to accomplish recently. Some secrets are best left buried. Put the past behind you and get on with your life. Organize a reasonable schedule.

April 22nd for Andrea
    There comes a time when actions speak louder than words. This could be such a time. Especially when it concerns a disagreement that you may have had with an associate. 

    A significant person in your life could express affection for you now. Try to keep the big picture in mind, but it's okay to feel flattered. Accept their comment as a compliment. 

    Intellectual stimulation and mental activity won't be strangers to you today, my dear. This is a great day for reading, studying, writing, communicating -- in short, for using your mind. 

    Any emotional difficulties you are now experiencing, will have an affect on your ability to communicate with others. Don't take things so personally. Give to others what you ask for yourself.

April 23rd for Andrea
    You'll find yourself wanting to make some changes in your home. Nothing big, just something small that will brighten up the place. Maybe you should try a big bouquet of flowers. 

    Avoid lazy or procrastinating habits today, my friend, especially where your family's security is concerned. Take no shortcuts here. Avoid spending too much on luxury items or unnecessary purchases. 

    You could feel torn between the desire to pamper yourself and the need to put some money into savings. Splurge on some small item, then put the rest of your cash in the bank. 

    This is a great time for balancing your checkbook and putting your bank and other statements in order. Dealings with banks and accountants are also favored now, dear. 

    A family member's announced change in plans can be stressful until you really look at the situation and then you discover that this could lead to new and interesting benefits for both of you.

April 24th for Andrea
    Taking a young family member or a neighbor's child on a special outing will make you feel good. Plan to have them in for a treat when you get back to end the day on a happy note. 

    Your mental energies will stir you to action today, my friend. It will not be hard to stick to a schedule or accomplish tasks because your entire being is geared to achieving important goals now.

April 25th for Andrea

    A household project that has been long in getting started may finally get started today. Be sure to avoid overworking. There's no reason why you have to finish it all in one day. 

    Any writing or communicating you do at this time demands the extra personal touch. Don't be afraid to show your most sincere, sentimental side. 

    If you've recently sent out invitations, you are likely to be surprised at the number of acceptances you receive. This is a good time for social planning and engagements and for local travel.

    Andrea, next week will be a good time to do some spring cleaning in your life. When you get rid of the things you no longer want or need, you'll be making space for something new.
     Best Regards,