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Here is your February 8 - February 14 forecast!

Dear Andrea,
    Last week, I had an interesting interaction with a client that I'd like to share with you. My client, whom I'll call Laura, came to me in an absolute state of panic. She had just lost her job, had accidentally over-drafted her bank account and was in hysterics about how she was going to pay her bills.
    When I asked her how all of this came about, she told me that her company had been having financial problems and she had been living in fear of losing her job and worried about how she would make ends meet and pay her bills. As a result, Laura was jumpy and anxious, made mistakes in her job that she wouldn't normally make, and ended up being one of the handful of employees who was laid off from the company.
    As I listened to Laura's story, Andrea, I was stuck by what a powerful manifestor she was. However, it seems that Laura she was manifesting her worst fears instead of her fondest dreams. When I explained to Laura how her strong emotions attracted the very thing she was focusing on, she was shocked.
    Being an intelligent woman, Laura thought about this for a few moments and then her face lit up as she realized that if she could attract the worst her way, she could attract the best things as well. I suggested that she start by focusing her mind on her ideal job and making a point of repeatedly telling the Universe how happy she was that all of her bills were always paid on time and in full. Every time she had a doubt creep in she was to stop what she was thinking and redirect her thoughts to what she wanted to have happen. Once she realized how simple the process actually was, Laura left my office as a woman on a mission to change her life for the better.
    Andrea, I am very happy to say that Laura called me this morning to say that she was already feeling the benefits of her manifesting. She has put the word out in her network of friends and colleagues about looking for a job and was already getting some calls and requests to submit her resume. She said that she felt busier than ever and was very pleased by the opportunities she was seeing. And that was accomplished in barely one week of positive focus!
    Now, I hope you will take a look at your forecast, and I wish you a pleasant and productive week.
    Best regards,


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