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lips are sealed
tongue is tied
hands can't reach
the feelings are locked

Into these eyes
read the words unsaid
the feelings not laid
plunge deeply into my heart
every time
love is there
love is there...

- Gladys Paño-Huraño -

Here is my June 7 - June 13 forecast!

Here is your June 7 - June 13 forecast!            


Dear Andrea,
    Maintaining vitality and enthusiasm for life is an important aspect to living well. But all the multi-tasking and constant rushing about we do on a daily basis can make it difficult to keep our energy up. When you think about it, with so many balls in the air and such high personal expectations, it is no wonder that people feel drained and exhausted at the end of each day.
    I see this tendency time and time again with my clients and am very sympathetic to their plight. Many are rushed and harried on a daily basis, yet still complain of fatigue and a lack of energy. What I say to my clients who are struggling with this, and what I want to say to you, Andrea, is that there is a way to keep your energy level up, so that you can feel happier and more in control of your life.
    I like to think about energy like I think about money. If you continually withdraw money from your bank account without putting it back, eventually you will be overdrawn. In real life, the bank charges hefty fees for this practice. However, when it comes to your energy levels, the toll exacted on your body, mind and spirit is even heavier when your energy reserve is depleted. To continue with my money/energy analogy, Andrea, if you haven't been putting money aside, you won't be able to pay your bills, and if you haven't been looking after your energy levels, you are likely to feel lifeless and listless.
    So, how do you keep your energy up? First, think about what might be depleting you in the first place. It could be an emotional or physical drain. It could be a job, a specific person or an unpleasant task, too much technology, time constraints, negative people, etc. Whatever this drain may be, I suggest thinking of ways to eliminate it or cut way back on it.
    Budgeting energy is one way to make things better, but you need to have regular energy coming in as well. To this end, I ask my clients to think about the things that make them happy and then I suggest doing some of these things regularly with the goal of building up their energy bank. I thoroughly enjoy this step, Andrea, because people light up when they talk about the things they love. It is great relief to realize that while it is important to take time for ourselves, it is essential due to the multi-tasking and added pressures most of us experience in today's world.
    I can honestly say that every client or friend who has made a concerted effort to reduce their negative energy drains, all the while building up positive energy doing things they love, has reported feeling better, having more energy, and enjoying life more fully. That is a powerful testimony to this practice. So, Andrea, if you feel your energy bank is running low, try building it back up by making time to do things that fill you with joy and peace. My guess is that you'll be recharged in no time.
    Now, it's time to take a look at your forecast!
    Your friend and astrologer,
P.S.:  Andrea, June 19th and the number 8 have a special meaning for you!
P.P.S.:  Andrea, there is some exciting planetary activity I'd like to share with you.

Full Moon, June 12, 7:15 AM EST

    On the 7th Mars moves to Virgo after seven and a half months in Leo and attention to detail takes over after the high drama often associated with the sign of Leo. It's time to iron out the wrinkles in those precious schemes so they can really materialize in your life. On the 8th a long-standing dilemma may finally reach a satisfactory conclusion as Jupiter and Uranus combine. Mercury's move into one of its' favored signs Gemini is enhanced by the Gemini New Moon on the 12th. If you are open to it pleasure and interest, Andrea, you won't have to look too far.

June 7 - June 13

    Andrea, I want you to take maximum advantage of the luck coming your way this week. From my calculations, Saturday is going to be your lucky day for this period.  And your Lucky Numbers are 03, 10, 15, 22, 29, 34.  I hope you'll make the best of them.

June 7th for Andrea
    If you encounter of group of folks who seem a bit strange, don't be alarmed, dear one. You are apt to be feeling more conservative than usual, and might be struck by others' eccentricities right now. 

    Social activities are now likely to involve neighbors, friends, family and business associates. While you are more apt to volunteer your services today, you may also take on a leadership position. 

    Avoid being forced into an uncomfortable or socially inappropriate situation through your job or profession. At this time, you would do well to follow protocol and make sure your own life is in order.

June 8th for Andrea
    You could become obsessed with some new technology today. You might talk on a cell phone or spend much of the day tinkering with a computer. The Internet can prove particularly interesting to you. 

    Your ambition to achieve great things for yourself is awakened today. It can be important for you to find a new project that requires you to make an independent effort. Go for it. 

    Professional activity should now be geared to resolving any issues of family security you may have. Someone you respect will respect your view if you use assertive communication, not aggressive behavior. 

    You're mindful of your body as a whole system now. It's an outlook that helps you plan everything from what you eat, to daily stretching. Taking care of the basics helps you reach health goals.

June 9th for Andrea
    You are likely to be extra charming today, especially in group situations. You can be the life of the party, even if you're just out to lunch with a group of friends. Enjoy it, my dear.

June 10th for Andrea
    A group of friends can provide the comfort and intellectual stimulation you seek today, so go ahead and join them for an outing, or just spend some time in someone's home. It should be fun. 

    Your dreams and hopes are fervent, and your sensitive soul is likely to need someone to lend an ear today. Enlist a loved one to come over and listen to the deepest songs of your kind heart. 

    You may find yourself inundated with calls, letters and communications from friends, relatives and associates today. Social activities are likely to revolve around your group or club memberships at this time. 

    Group activities are favored today. Shake hands with strangers and introduce yourself if you don't know anyone. You never can tell who will share the same feelings as you, my friend.

June 11th for Andrea
    Passion is the keyword of the day. Your inner self is likely to be in tune with your more practical needs, and your spiritual side can benefit. Don't be afraid to penetrate to very center of things. 

    Communications, telephone calls and surprise visits from good friends and close associates could be the highlight of this day. Involvements you may have with groups or clubs could also provide an interesting day. 

    A restless or preoccupied friend may not make the best companion today. Avoid overwork and physical strain now, yourself, dear one. Instead, put your energies into proven methods and routine duties.

June 12th for Andrea
    Your intuition is simply sparkling today. You may find that you are ready to explore the deepest reaches of your soul. Someone in your life can help you with this endeavor, so ask him or her for advice. 

    You are likely to sparkle like a diamond today, my dear, and most folks are apt to do whatever it takes to get near your inspirational energy. You are really on fire right now. Enjoy this time. 

    I urge you to act through others instead of doing things by yourself. Helping family members, friends, and other people, and asking them to help you in return is a way in which everyone benefits. 

    Talk over the things that have been on your mind with others today to obtain an objective viewpoint. You may want to converse with younger people for a different and carefree perspective.

June 13th for Andrea

    You are simply the star today, my dear. Your personality is so charming that you attract the attention of everyone you encounter. You are like a magnet for interesting people right now. 

    Trips to visit loved ones who are ill or confined in some way could become a family affair today, my dear. Your sense of home and family unity may become the focus of your energies and thoughts now. 

    What starts as a lovely gathering could turn into a tense, emotional scene. The odd mix of people might stir up power struggles you didn't anticipate. It's a sign that things have changed.

    Andrea, next week is the perfect time to brighten the day for someone special. So, plan something thoughtful to warm that person's heart. You might also be the recipient of a little surprise!
     Best Regards,

Here is my April 26 - May 2 forecast!

Here is your April 26 - May 2 forecast!            


Dear Andrea,
    In my experience, one of the main reasons clients come for an astrological consultation is that they want help making a big decision in their life. Naturally, I look at the birth charts and give them advice, but ultimately the decision is up to them. Interestingly, when I ask clients about their feelings or intuition in regards to the decision, 9 times out of 10 clients prefer to lean toward the decision based on indications in their chart rather than on their own feelings. What this means to me is that many people intuitively know what to do, but don't trust their feelings when it comes to an important decision.
    It is a shame, Andrea, that so many of us have so little trust in our ability to make the decision that is best for us. Making a big decision is a validation of our free will and the fact that we have a say in our own destiny. When you actually think about it, we make decisions every day, all day long. Many decision or choices are so small and routine that we don't even give them a second thought. However, when it comes to a bigger or more substantial decision, the stakes are a little higher, and we may not proceed with the same assurance, which is why it is important to learn how to be a confident decision-maker.
    Truthfully, a good decision is based on a good evaluation of the decision at hand. It should not be taken lightly or quickly, but rather thought about and considered methodically and seriously. One very helpful and practical decision-making practice I often use is a pros and cons list. Apparently, even Benjamin Franklin used this approach, which makes me feel even better about it, considering the types of decisions he made as one of the founding fathers of the United States. For his method, he divided a piece of paper down the middle and wrote the pros on one side and the cons on the other. He took his time developing his list as thoughts came to him, often over several days. When he felt confident that he had covered the points, he would weigh the options against one another in order to make his decision. Mr. Franklin said that he "found great advantage from this kind of equation." Now I think that is a pretty good recommendation and certainly makes the process worth the try.
    However, I want to end my letter this week by bringing back the point of our feelings and intuition. I strongly advise my clients to listen to and be in touch with their feelings and intuition when it comes to making a decision, even if they are using a pro and con list. We have all experienced moments when we just have a feeling about something, someone, or a situation and often those feelings turn out being spot on. Don't be afraid of listening to that inner voice, my friend. It is speaking to you for a reason and it is very often correct.
    Andrea, certainly no one is able to make the perfect decision all of the time, but considering your options thoroughly and listening to your "gut" can help you make better choices. I hope you will give this a try. I wonder what feelings will come up in this week's forecast?
    Your friend and astrologer,
P.S.:  Your 22 years, Andrea, have all been preparation for May 6th.

Full Moon, April 28, 8:18 AM EST

    Learning to embrace change without fear is incredibly empowering, Andrea. On the 26th there is an opposition between Saturn and Uranus, the fourth of five over a two-year period and the last in Virgo and Pisces. You may suddenly realize that one aim or objective really has no place in your life any more because new information arises or a new opportunity presents itself. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 28th further assists you to make important decisions that ensure you are shaping your future to suit you.

April 26 - May 2

    Andrea, I want you to take maximum advantage of the luck coming your way this week. From my calculations, Sunday is going to be your lucky day for this period.  And your Lucky Numbers are 13, 22, 31, 21, 42, 52.  I hope you'll make the best of them.

April 26th for Andrea
    Although you may prefer to operate independently, in your own space and at your own pace, now is when you should arrange for help. This is especially true in your home. 

    It's all right to want to change your life. Many changes are not only possible now but also very likely. You can begin a whole new phase of your life and reinvent yourself in the process. 

    Do you feel cornered in your home environment now? This is a day for making courageous decisions and moving forward in life. Do the thing you fear most and you will be amazed at how problems disappear.

April 27th for Andrea
    You could find yourself with time on your hands. Take advantage of the occasion and do something fun. How long has it been since you went to the zoo? How about an amusement park? 

    This is a marvelous time to enjoy creative activities with friends. See if there are any classes or workshops that you can take together. Check the calendar at your local craft shop. 

    You may prefer to spend solitary moments at home to mixing with a loud, noisy group. Go ahead and indulge this desire, my friend. We all have times when we'd rather be alone.

April 28th for Andrea
    Enthusiasm about a cause involving children could send you out to help others. Your dedication and upbeat attitude will more than make up for your lack of experience in the work. 

    Give yourself a pep talk today if you find that you must tackle something that is beyond your reach. There's nothing you can't do with effort—it's just a matter of having more confidence. 

    This can be a time for rebellion and testing authority where elders children and young people are concerned. Partnership matters that affect your domestic harmony may require your immediate attention now. 

    Emotional influences are likely to affect you and your family during this period. You may find yourself entertaining relatives or friends who are somewhat controversial in some way. Look for the good. 

    Your primary power can be found at home now. That's where you can get your best things done at this time. Being in a comfortable environment is what you need for the tasks awaiting you.

April 29th for Andrea
    Chances are good that your diligent work will be rewarded. By staying busy you set a good example. Not many people are able to be neat and hurry at the same time, but you make it an art. 

    A close relationship could be causing you confusion. At times like these, you must attend to your own needs. Go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve the best in life.

April 30th for Andrea
    Kindness and consideration will gain more for you in the romance department than will selfish or stubborn ways. Creative projects tend to cost more than anticipated. Instill positive habits in children. 

    Participation in sporting events, recreational activities, outdoor endeavors or creative undertakings look promising, dear one. Make a little time for romance, candlelight and life's simpler pleasures.

May 1st for Andrea
    Making plans with someone that may involve an entire group can be fun, as long as you are working on an equal footing. Each must be responsible for carrying their share of the load. 

    If you're feeling a bit restless today, you may want to take up some light exercise. Bring along a friend for moral support. By making a game of it, you'll have more fun than you anticipate.

May 2nd for Andrea

    You could be a bit moody today, making it difficult to collaborate with others. If someone seeks out your company, explain that you'd rather go solo right now. They're bound to understand. 

    Avoid fad diets and other strange health regimens. A middle of the road approach to your health is the most successful way to go. Concentrate on doing what's best for you and do it!

    Andrea, next week you should receive some mental clarification in regards to something that has been bothering you for a while. It will probably be a big relief, but you will want to wait a while before you move forward on it.
     Best Regards,
Here is your April 19 - April 25 forecast!            


Dear Andrea,
    There are times when life throws us an unexpected curve, and our experience with such a surprise can be directly affected by how we respond to it. Personally, I believe that our sense of humor can be a blessing in helping us to deal with the unexpected. I myself was recently reminded of just much how our sense of humor can benefit us, and I want to share an amusing story with you that illustrates just that.
    My friend Julia is the VP of a major company and is very particular about her professional appearance. She is also the mum of two small children, which means that mornings are hectic. She has to get herself ready for work as well as make sure her two girls are up, dressed, fed and dropped off at preschool.
    One particular morning, Andrea, things were unusually chaotic, and Julia had to rush to get to work for an important meeting. She got dressed in the dark, taking care not to wake her husband who had come home very late from a business trip the night before. She told me with a snicker that she made it to the meeting on time, but at one point during her presentation, she realized that she was wearing 2 different colored shoes, a red one and a navy blue one!
    Julia said she that her first reaction was complete embarrassment. After all, Andrea, she happened to be at a meeting of executive VIPs when she discovered she wasn't dressed properly. She was mortified, but she continued on with her presentation as best she could and added that no one seemed to notice the different colored shoes.
    Afterwards a discussion came out of Julia's presentation and people expressed different opinions, creating a tense atmosphere in the meeting room. Seeing an opportunity to turn her footwear faux pas into an advantage, she stood up and showed off her mismatched shoes. She even turned from side to side to prove how each shoe looked good with her outfit despite its different colors. Julia compared her different colored shoes to their differences in opinion, pointing out that the expected outcome for all sides concerned was similar regardless of which plan they chose to follow. Then she confessed that had dressed in the dark to allow her husband more time to sleep. Everyone had a good laugh, which helped to alleviate the tension in the room so that the discussion could continue in a calmer state. In the end, they were able to reach a compromise and Julia sealed the deal, all thanks to her mismatched shoes and sense of humor!
    I like this story, Andrea, because it reveals that when we are able to accept our humanity, gracefully, and with a sense of humor, we give others permission to do the same. When Julia approached her situation with a sense of humor, she connected on a human level with her everyone at the meeting, which help to put them at ease. I hope that my friend's story improved your day and made you laugh too. Always remember to keep your sense of humor handy, as you never know when you'll need it.
    Now let's see what the week holds for you.
    Your friend and astrologer,
P.S.:  Having been born on November 7th, Andrea, it's your destiny to have the Archangel Michael watch over you…..

First Quarter Moon, April 21, 2:20 PM EST

    The Sun gently slides into Taurus on the 20th bringing with it patient and generous energy. I always feel that this is when the year begins to turn as the earth throbs with new life. In fact this is also a lovely week for romance with Venus linking to both poetic Neptune and committed Saturn before entering witty Gemini on the 25th. Andrea, if you've been longing to express your feelings but haven't been able to find the right words, you may be truly inspired this weekend.

April 19 - April 25

    Andrea, I want you to take maximum advantage of the luck coming your way this week. From my calculations, Saturday is going to be your lucky day for this period.  And your Lucky Numbers are 10, 21, 32, 23, 22, 49.  I hope you'll make the best of them.

April 19th for Andrea
    Your love of fun and excitement is contagious. Don't be surprised if people want to be around you because they enjoy your energy level. Your enthusiasm is at its height, enjoy yourself. 

    You could discover a hidden talent quite by accident. Be sure to develop this gift through classes and instruction. You can't afford to let this ability go to waste. 

    You may be absorbed in an internal dialogue during this span of time. Write your feelings down now. Your opinions are apt to be strong. You will want to study and remember your thoughts of this time. 

    Social activity at home may be the result of a favor you are granting someone who is ill or confined in some way. Studies iof astrology or mysticism would also prove to be interesting now.

April 20th for Andrea
    An addition to your finances is possible. Your energy is so inspiring to others that you'll find it easy to get funding for projects or purchases. Be sure to stay within your budget. 

    Now is an excellent time to work on your personal records. You'll be in the mood to track down any errors that have come up in the past. The bankers should beware of you today. 

    Insights into your own mental workings can bring a change in attitude or sponsor a new level of awareness. This is a time for rational thinking and delving into the intellectual side of your spirituality. 

    A deep sense of contentment can come from being out in nature now, especially if you're near water. It doesn't matter if it's a small brook or an ocean, for you'll be captivated either way.

April 21st for Andrea
    This is a terrific time for you to get to know your neighbors better. Take along a small treat to share or just ask them over for refreshments. You'll benefit from their friendship. 

    Your daydreams can be inspirational and your optimistic attitude will rub off on those who need a little hope in their lives. There is a time to relax and a time to work. Be sure you complete today's tasks. 

    Your sensitivity to the world is your greatest asset now. Don't let others make you afraid to take chances or travel to unknown realms. Your instincts are right on. 

    Don't allow your ego to overthrow the good you've been able to accomplish recently. Some secrets are best left buried. Put the past behind you and get on with your life. Organize a reasonable schedule.

April 22nd for Andrea
    There comes a time when actions speak louder than words. This could be such a time. Especially when it concerns a disagreement that you may have had with an associate. 

    A significant person in your life could express affection for you now. Try to keep the big picture in mind, but it's okay to feel flattered. Accept their comment as a compliment. 

    Intellectual stimulation and mental activity won't be strangers to you today, my dear. This is a great day for reading, studying, writing, communicating -- in short, for using your mind. 

    Any emotional difficulties you are now experiencing, will have an affect on your ability to communicate with others. Don't take things so personally. Give to others what you ask for yourself.

April 23rd for Andrea
    You'll find yourself wanting to make some changes in your home. Nothing big, just something small that will brighten up the place. Maybe you should try a big bouquet of flowers. 

    Avoid lazy or procrastinating habits today, my friend, especially where your family's security is concerned. Take no shortcuts here. Avoid spending too much on luxury items or unnecessary purchases. 

    You could feel torn between the desire to pamper yourself and the need to put some money into savings. Splurge on some small item, then put the rest of your cash in the bank. 

    This is a great time for balancing your checkbook and putting your bank and other statements in order. Dealings with banks and accountants are also favored now, dear. 

    A family member's announced change in plans can be stressful until you really look at the situation and then you discover that this could lead to new and interesting benefits for both of you.

April 24th for Andrea
    Taking a young family member or a neighbor's child on a special outing will make you feel good. Plan to have them in for a treat when you get back to end the day on a happy note. 

    Your mental energies will stir you to action today, my friend. It will not be hard to stick to a schedule or accomplish tasks because your entire being is geared to achieving important goals now.

April 25th for Andrea

    A household project that has been long in getting started may finally get started today. Be sure to avoid overworking. There's no reason why you have to finish it all in one day. 

    Any writing or communicating you do at this time demands the extra personal touch. Don't be afraid to show your most sincere, sentimental side. 

    If you've recently sent out invitations, you are likely to be surprised at the number of acceptances you receive. This is a good time for social planning and engagements and for local travel.

    Andrea, next week will be a good time to do some spring cleaning in your life. When you get rid of the things you no longer want or need, you'll be making space for something new.
     Best Regards,

My April 5 - April 11 forecast!

Here is your April 5 - April 11 forecast!

Dear Andrea,
    Winter is fading and spring has taken hold with warmer days and the appearance of new shoots and buds, but that doesn't mean that the cold season is over! My mum used to tell that people are often susceptible to colds in the spring because there are more people out and about sharing their germs. She also insisted that the spring's fickle weather--going from cold to warm and back to cold--throws our bodies out of balance and lowers our immunity. Whether or not her wise woman wisdom was right, if she sensed that sniffles were on the way, she would quickly cook up her favorite cold remedy, chicken soup.
    Chicken soup is the quintessential remedy against the common cold in many cultures. In fact, you may also be familiar with one of its nicknames, "Jewish penicillin," which comes from it having been a staple healing food in Jewish households for many years.
    Andrea, there is often some truth behind old wives' tales so I decided to research the topic and discovered that scientists have been attesting to chicken soup's healing properties for improving cold symptoms since the 1970's. In 1998, an article in the magazine Coping with Allergies and Asthma reported that consuming chicken soup helps to improve the actions of the tiny protective hair-like cilia in the nose that prevent germs from entering your body.
    Recently, a doctor at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Stephen Rennard, tested his wife's Lithuanian family chicken soup recipe that included chicken, carrots, celery, onion, parsnips, sweet potatoes, turnips, salt and pepper. What he discovered is that something in chicken soup inhibits the movement of neutrophils, white blood cells that defend the body against infection, thus reducing symptoms of upper respiratory congestion. He also tested a number of commercially sold canned chicken soups and found them to be effective cold remedies, as well.
    While neither Dr. Rennard nor any other scientists have been able to determine what makes chicken soup an effective cold remedy, it is clear that the consumption of chicken soup in the winter and spring seasons helps protect against colds and eases the discomfort of any cold symptoms.
    Andrea, I certainly hope you remain healthy and fit during these early days of spring. However, should you succumb to a seasonal cold, I highly recommend some tasty chicken soup.
    Now let's take a look at your forecast.
    Best regards,
P.S.  Andrea, You Will Rise from the Ashes of Financial Hardships!

My March 22 - March 28 forecast!

Here is your March 22 - March 28 forecast!

Dear Andrea,
    It's not surprising that so many of us suffer from stress and over-stimulation. In our technological world, as wonderful as it is, we are asked to move faster, think more quickly and multitask. Trying to fit everything into a 24-hour day, spend quality time with our families and also find time to relax and rest becomes more and more difficult. Many of us get so tied up in this race that we are unable to relax and enjoy anything at all. The end result is stress, anxiety, burnout and even depression.
    I have three very simple rules that I'd like to share with you this week to bring joy back into your life. First, Andrea, it means slowing things down. Slowing down probably means cutting a few things out of your routine. Maybe you could turn off the television a little earlier or spend less time in front of it. A homemade lunch in the sunshine instead of racing to the local fast food place is another great way to win back some of the nicer moments of the day.
    Next, give some attention to mealtime and the foods you put into your body--that is my second rule of reclaiming joy. Are you zipping through the drive-through in the evenings because you are too tired to go home and cook? Eating well doesn't necessarily require hours of grueling food preparation, Andrea. It can be as simple as cutting out foods with a high fat content and eating more salads and greens. The bookstores also have shelves of quick and easy health recipes. You can also find some good suggestions online. When your body is functioning well you will feel better mentally and emotionally, too.
    The third point is to start having fun. Set aside time for a hobby or artistic endeavor that you enjoy. I hear so many people complain that they just aren't creative, and this couldn't be more untrue. Even if you can't paint like da Vinci or play like Itzhak Perlman, you can find enjoyment in the process of making art, playing music, crafting, repairing motorcycles or any other activity that intrigues and relaxes you. The key is to enjoy the moment of creating, however that unfolds.
    Andrea, life is too short to spend our precious moments feeling stressed and frustrated. Being happy is the natural state of life. It is our birthright, and we can see it in the smiles and laughter of children. Now, I hope you will take some time to see what the week holds for you.
    Best regards,
P.S.:  Andrea, set a Wheel of Fortune in motion.

My March 8 - March 14 forecast!

Here is your March 8 - March 14 forecast!

Dear Andrea,
    When I was a little girl, my nana (that's what I called my grandmother) used to tell me that good deeds were the building blocks of a good life. I didn't completely understand that concept then, but now I do and I'm very much agree with it. The movie Pay it Forward is a good example of this sentiment. As the storyline goes, a little boy starts a cycle of extending help to three people and then each of them returns the favor to three more people. In the film, people's lives are changed dramatically after they receive help, and then they go on to do a similar good deed for others.
    There is no doubt that this cycle of doing good helps to create a better world. Good deeds and paying it forward are ways to seed or plant seeds of goodwill that will grow and bear fruit down the road. One of the best things about seeding, Andrea, is that it makes you feel good. Doing a thoughtful deed for someone else opens your heart and fills it with warmth. You don't have to be rich or powerful to plant seeds of kindness. All it takes is a willingness to look out for opportunities to help others.
    Acts of kindness can start with just simple things, such as a smile for the harried grocery clerk or holding the door for a tired mother, preoccupied with her little ones. Or you can take it a step further and offer help to people in need. Perhaps someone you know could use a heart-to-heart discussion or an elderly person in your neighborhood needs help shopping or repairing something in the home. Spend a little time thinking about it, Andrea, and I am sure some ideas will pop into your head.
    If you want to do something on a larger scale, consider volunteering some time on a regular basis to benefit a specific group, such as children, older people, or the community in general. It doesn't really matter so much how you seed kindnesses as long as you are looking for opportunities to do so and then take advantage of them when you see the need.
    Andrea, in the process of doing good for others, even if it is something small, we improve the lives of others, build better relationships and even improve our own lives. It's a win-win situation!
    Have a great week!
    Best regards,
Here is your February 8 - February 14 forecast!

Dear Andrea,
    Last week, I had an interesting interaction with a client that I'd like to share with you. My client, whom I'll call Laura, came to me in an absolute state of panic. She had just lost her job, had accidentally over-drafted her bank account and was in hysterics about how she was going to pay her bills.
    When I asked her how all of this came about, she told me that her company had been having financial problems and she had been living in fear of losing her job and worried about how she would make ends meet and pay her bills. As a result, Laura was jumpy and anxious, made mistakes in her job that she wouldn't normally make, and ended up being one of the handful of employees who was laid off from the company.
    As I listened to Laura's story, Andrea, I was stuck by what a powerful manifestor she was. However, it seems that Laura she was manifesting her worst fears instead of her fondest dreams. When I explained to Laura how her strong emotions attracted the very thing she was focusing on, she was shocked.
    Being an intelligent woman, Laura thought about this for a few moments and then her face lit up as she realized that if she could attract the worst her way, she could attract the best things as well. I suggested that she start by focusing her mind on her ideal job and making a point of repeatedly telling the Universe how happy she was that all of her bills were always paid on time and in full. Every time she had a doubt creep in she was to stop what she was thinking and redirect her thoughts to what she wanted to have happen. Once she realized how simple the process actually was, Laura left my office as a woman on a mission to change her life for the better.
    Andrea, I am very happy to say that Laura called me this morning to say that she was already feeling the benefits of her manifesting. She has put the word out in her network of friends and colleagues about looking for a job and was already getting some calls and requests to submit her resume. She said that she felt busier than ever and was very pleased by the opportunities she was seeing. And that was accomplished in barely one week of positive focus!
    Now, I hope you will take a look at your forecast, and I wish you a pleasant and productive week.
    Best regards,

My Forecast for February 1-7

Here is your February 1 - February 7 forecast!

Dear Andrea,

Many people go through life disappointed and dejected because they have lost faith in their ability to realize their dreams. Their excuses are often due to a lack of money, fear of ridicule or failure, and feelings of being tied to the present situation with no way out. I imagine that all of us have experienced these feelings at one time or another. While for some of us, this negative feeling is only temporary, for others, it may be hard to accept that our dreams are actually within our reach.

Andrea, I think we all have the ability to achieve our dreams, but we may just need to adjust how we look at them. In other words, we may need to look at them from a different perspective. That starts by brainstorming all of the various ways our dreams could be accomplished, no matter how silly or crazy these solutions may seem. By writing down and considering every single idea that crosses you, vis-à-vis your dreams, you actually open your mind to all of the possibilities and that brings them that much closer to reality.

One easy thing is that, after considering the possibilities you come up with, pick a solution you can do right now, and then DO it. If you want to be a professional chef, enroll in cooking or classes on running a restaurant. This will give you a chance to find out if it is really what you want. Taking steps toward achieving your dream, may take you in slightly different directions that are even more attractive to you. Serendipity happens, and it happens more often when we are actively engaged in achieving something important to us.

Andrea, you are probably familiar with the saying "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I am sad to say there is a lot of power in those words. I encourage you to let go of old excuses and start thinking about ways to realize what you desire. Think about steps that could help you get there, and take those steps. And then just imagine how wonderful you will feel once you begin your journey!
Best regards,

P.S. Andrea, beginning on February 13, 2010 you will have 63 days of uninterrupted abundance!

My forecast for Jan. 25-31

Here is your January 25 - January 31 forecast!

Dear Andrea,

A few months back, I got a visit from a client who was struggling with a frustrating situation involving her workplace, and she felt helpless to do anything about it. Unfortunately, she was having panic attacks because she was so anxious and fearful about the situation, and needed some help. It was clear to me that this young woman, whom I'll call Cara, was unable to see her options, and as a result was trapped in an uncomfortable and unfortunate position.

In my experience, feeling trapped in a situation is a very common challenge we all face at various times. After all, we are creatures of habit, and even though we may claim we like change, when something threatens our status quo, it can feel more like the rug has been pulled out from under us rather than an opportunity for us to move ahead. I advised Cara to spend time thinking about what was most important to her in her current work position.

I also asked Cara to consider how much joy and comfort she was actually getting from her job in light of the current situation. Was it so important to her to remain in a situation that was causing her so much grief? Was it the only option she had? In asking these questions, Andrea, I had a specific intention. I wanted to help Cara look at what her job meant to her and to see if she should consider other options. Sometimes, when we examine our motivations, we begin to realize that they aren't what we thought they were.

I am happy to report that a couple of weeks after that meeting, Cara contacted me and confided that the work we had done together had given her a new perspective. She concluded that her job wasn't really the best thing for her, and had started exploring other options that she wouldn't have considered previously. She had decided to look for another job doing something she had always wanted to do. And interestingly enough, her panic attacks had completely disappeared!

Andrea, as you can probably guess, Cara is now glad that the circumstances at her old job forced her to take stock of what she really wanted in life and to let go of a situation that was unhealthy for her. Letting go isn't always easy, but choosing to let go when you realize it is time can change your life for the better.

I hope this story prompts you to look at your own life to see if there are aspects of it that are no longer serving you as you need them to. Then you could see how to alter them to suit your best interests. Now that's a worthwhile goal for the New Year!
Best regards,

P.S. Andrea, I know that many of us are concerned about our diets right now. Here are some great tips to improve your digestion.